When you want to search the web, you Google, that's what you do. When you want to buy AUTHENTIC, you SWITCH TO PIGI, that's what you do.

Pigi is a savings based health supplement mobile-commerce app that uses technology to optimise various costs, eliminate middlemen fees and follow a strict supply chain to make 100% authentic supplements available at affordable prices. Pigi lists a wide variety of products ranging from Whey Protein to Creatine to BCAAs.

Pigi understands the value of money and guarantees up to 40% lower prices than its competitors to benefit the users in every possible way without compromising on the quality of products and services.

Pigi aims at making lives easier, efficient and economical ( Pigi's 3 E's) for the people.


Serviceable areas at the moment: All Across India (15000+ Pin Codes)


Branch Address:

Pigi India
1870, Sector 23,
Gurgaon - 122017
Email: home@pigi.in



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